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This week in court 9/26/16

The week is not over yet, but it has already been a rollercoaster.

More protests, more marching, more arrests of peaceful protestors.

I am working alongside several other wonderful lawyers to provide legal assistance to many of the arrested protestors.  Most of the people I have met are educated and do not have a criminal record.  They are decent people who were arrested for invoking their constitutional rights to speak out against injustice.  This will be a long struggle and this cases will take a long time to be resolved.  However, the people who are out there protesting each night have tremendous resolve and determination.  They are bound to continue to draw attention to the real issues that need fixed in our Criminal Justice system.

In court, we had a great week.  Won a restraining order hearing, successfully got a client removed from Electronic Monitoring, and saw some truly good forward progress on several cases.

I have been busy helping those coordinating the efforts to ensure bond and legal aid for the arrestees.  Some wonderful folks, who have devoted their career to this cause.