General Misdemeanors

Many times people feel that a Misdemeanor case is not very serious.  As a result, they don’t seek representation by a skilled attorney and they often plead guilty just to “get the case over with.”

These are tragic decisions that I see people make every day.  The person often does not realize that even though they only had to pay a fine, they still are going to receive a criminal conviction.  In fact, most criminal convictions are permanent and will stay on a person’s record for the rest of their life.

A conviction of a Misdemeanor often keeps a person from getting a job, getting into school, or getting a specialized license or certification.  It can also prevent a person from being able to rent an apartment or condo.

There are no “minor” criminal charges.  If you are charged with a crime, it is serious.  You owe it to yourself to seek out experienced and professional representation by a skilled criminal defense attorney.

Common misdemeanor charges include: Larceny, Possession of Marijuana, Damage to Real or Personal Property, Hit and Run, Communicating Threats, and Simple Assault.