Assault on a Female

Among the various Misdemeanor charges, Assault on Female is probably one of the most serious cases that exist.

Being convicted of Assault on Female is a very serious situation. A person could face up to 150 days in jail or very difficult probation.

Assault on Female cases are also quite scary in the sense that it only takes the words of one person, and without any physical evidence, a person could find themselves in jail with no bond until they can go in front of a judge. Men have lost jobs, custody of children, and their freedom all because of the allegation of Assault on Female (AOF).

AOF cases are usually handled in a specialized courtroom. A courtroom that only handles cases involving allegations of Domestic Violence. These courtrooms often have special prosecutors that are particularly trained to handle these cases.

The trial issues that can arise in an AOF trial are numerous and complex. An attorney who represents someone accused of a Domestic Violence offense should be a very skilled trial attorney.

Since I started practicing criminal defense in 2003, I have tried well over 100 Domestic Violence cases. I have a vast reservoir of experience, knowledge, and training to rely on when handling a case like this.

I have taught on the topic of handling Domestic Violence cases on at least two occasions to attorneys from all over the state. I have a passion for protecting the rights of people charged with Assault on Female and the related Domestic Violence Offenses.