Firearm by a Felon

Being charged with Possession of Firearm by a Felon is a scary thing.

The offense is punished as a Class G Felony in North Carolina and prosecutors often seek active prison sentences in the Department of Corrections on these cases.

While the typical prosecutor may think that someone charged with this offense “can’t learn their lesson” because they have been convicted of a Felony in the past, they overlook the complexities that often come along with these types of cases.

Many times a person charged with this crime is only attempting to have the firearm for protection.  Unfortunately, the law of North Carolina prevents most convicted felons from owning a firearm at all, regardless of the purpose.

A good Attorney will be able to give you good advice and work with you to craft a strategy to defend against this charge.  Sometimes that may mean going to trial, while other times, the best approach may be helping the prosecutor see the special circumstances in a case and working out a deal for probation rather than prison.