Sex Offenses

In all of the Criminal Justice system, there are fewer things scarier than being charged with a Sex Offense.  Just the term causes many people to cringe.

Unfortunately, many innocent people are accused of horrific sex crimes for a multitude of reasons.  The fear of being labeled a “Sex Offender” is too much for many to bear.

If you are accused of a Sex Offense, NEVER give a statement to a police officer, investigator, or anyone else without first consulting with an Attorney that has experience handling Sex Offense cases.

The most serious Sex Offense cases (First Degree Rape, First Degree Sex Offense, and Statutory Rape) are high stakes, high stress cases that carry enormous consequences.  It is vital that you have a lawyer who is on your side and won’t judge you.  You must be able to fully trust your lawyer and feel very comfortable that they are looking out for your best interests.

A high number of these cases go to a jury trial.  Even those cases that are resolved by a plea are extremely difficult.  Negotiating with a prosecutor on a Sex Offense case is a very delicate matter and a good Attorney will know the right approach when dealing with very delicate and sensitive issues.

In my legal career, I have handled many Sex Offense cases, of all different types.  I do not shy away from taking these cases and I treat my clients with the sensitivity and decency that they deserve.  Some attorneys are uncomfortable handling cases like this and it shows.  I am not in that group.

I also handle Petitions to Remove from the Sex Offender Registry.  In fact, I have given seminars to state-wide groupings of lawyers on this very topic.