Tim’s Pledge

  1. I am a lawyer that you can get in touch with.

    It can be frustrating to try and ask a question of your attorney and you have to go through countless secretaries and support staff. I answer my phone when you call. The only time I don’t pick up my phone is when I am not able to (in court, speaking with another client on the other line, in a meeting). If I miss your call, I make every effort to get back to you as quickly as I am able.

  2. I will fight for you.

    I take every case with the idea that I want to try and find any way to attack the case and be successful. Sometimes, despite my best efforts, that is not possible. However, I never presume a case is a loser, even when someone is “caught red handed.”

  3. I will always give you an honest assessment of your case.

    I am not a lawyer that tells you what you want to hear so that you hire me and then I drop the hammer on you afterwards. I will explore your case and analyze all potential issues. However, I will give you my honest opinion about your realistic chances and what I expect that I may be able to work out in terms of options for the handling of your case. I don’t make extreme statements like “I’ll get this dismissed, no problem.” I will ALWAYS be honest with you about your case, even if that means that I sometimes have to deliver bad news.

  4. I will quote you a fee for my legal services and stand behind that fee.

    I put my quotes in writing. There are no hidden fees. I don’t believe in charging people for work that I do not do. That is why my quotes are often broken down depending on whether your case is resolved in District Court or Superior Court.

  5. I will give you and your case my full attention.

    Of course, I am handling a lot of different cases and clients. However, when I am meeting with you and discussing your case that will be my sole focus. I will not interrupt our meeting to take other calls or respond to emails on other cases or clients. I want every client to feel like their time, as well as my time, is valuable.

  6. I won’t take your case if I don’t think I am the best lawyer to handle it.

    I often get asked to take cases outside of my core practice areas. I am flattered by the requests, however, I will typically refer you to someone who does handle those matters and will best be in a position to help you.

  7. I operate based on The Golden Rule.

    I will treat you as I would expect to be treated. This is a core principle that I use in my everyday life and I put it to use at The Emry Law Firm as well.

  8. I want to earn your business and your referrals.

    I know that in the market for Criminal Defense, a client has a lot of options. I don’t take any client for granted. I want to give you the best service I can deliver. That is the way that I operate. I want you to leave your case feeling like you made a great decision choosing me as your lawyer. I get business by word of mouth, repeat customers, and referrals. I do not spend a ton of money sending people glossy brochures to try and attract business.

  9. I will be the only attorney to handle your case. 

    Some firm’s use a big name lawyer to get you in the door and then your case is handed off to a less experienced associate. I will be the attorney that does everything related to your case from start to finish.

  10. I will maintain an “open door approach.”

    I want every client to feel comfortable to come to me if they have any questions or problems. I want everyone to be able to afford my services. I will work to create a payment plan that works for you. Please contact me, I want the chance to earn your business.

– Timothy S. Emry, Esq.