In the many years I have spent in the courthouse, I have seen hundreds of people try to handle their traffic matters themselves.  Often, this can lead to disastrous consequences as it related to driving privileges, insurance premiums and other penalties.

The few hundred dollars that can be saved by not hiring an attorney are dwarfed by the years of inflated insurance premiums.  Most traffic cases can be handled by a skilled attorney for less than $300. A quality lawyer will review your driving record, discuss the case with you and devise a strategy that will hopefully result in the preferred outcomes.

Please do not become one of those folks that regret their decision to “DIY” for years to come.  Find a lawyer who has experience with traffic matters and the complex interplay between traffic law, the courts, DMV, and your car insurance.

Over the years, I have successfully resolved thousands of traffic matters for clients. I’d be happy to do the same for you.