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This week in Court 9/12/16

We had a GREAT week in court!

After a 3 day Jury Trial, it only took the Jury 20 minutes to find my client NOT GUILTY of the Felony crime he was accused of.

Jury Trial’s are the most intense courtroom experience we Criminal Defense Attorney’s have.  It is so fulfilling to try a case well and get that idea result for a truly deserving client.

It was also nice to try a case against a prosecutor who fights hard but fair.  We had a mutual level of respect for one another throughout the trial, and it continued afterwards.  If only all trials could work like that.

The key issue in this trial for Felony Carrying a Concealed Weapon was really a question of whether the gun under the seat in front of my client in the car he was in was his gun or not.  The state had little to offer to show that it was his, other than the seat in front of him being empty and the handle of the gun pointed toward my client.

However, the officer in the case submitted the gun for DNA and fingerprint analysis, neither of which tied to my client.  It did not take the jury long to see that there was insufficient proof that it was his gun.

It was a just verdict and  great feeling to hear that clerk read a “NOT GUILTY”.