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IN THE NEWS – Protesters demand that officials reduce jail population to prevent spread of COVID-19

Story By Amanda Zhou | April 11, 2020 12:14 PM

Tim Emry | Charlotte Lawyer in a mask
Decarcerate Mecklenburg held a “moving protest” from cars on Friday, April 10, to demand the release of incarcerated people in Mecklenburg County. They also called for police to stop arrests during the pandemic. Image by Alex Andrejev

Attorneys and community leaders held a “moving protest”.

“There’s no ability to socially distance. They don’t have masks,” Emry said. “So they feel like they’re sitting ducks. They feel like no one cares” said Charlotte lawyer Tim Emry.

“If the person is safe enough to be out on probation … why are they not safe enough to be out when they’re presumed innocent and haven’t admitted to anything? There’s a disconnect,” he said.

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