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IN THE NEWS – Judge moves to reduce arrests, prevent COVID-19 outbreak inside Mecklenburg’s jails

Story By Michael Gordon and Ames Alexander | March 27, 2020 03:23 PM

A group of activists and attorneys
On March 17, a group of activists and attorneys called for a release of Mecklenburg jail inmates in order to prevent an outbreak of COVID-19. Ames Alexander

Charlotte lawyer Tim Emry said he was encouraged by Trosch’s order but thinks further steps are needed.

“It seems like they’re waiting for a confirmed case in the jail,” Emry said. “And by the time there’s a confirmed case, it will be too late … I don’t want people to die needlessly.”

“Because a lot of these (inmates) do ultimately get out, they’ll be the people stocking our grocery shelves, delivering our Amazon packages and delivering our food,” he said.

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